Youth and the MDG's


"Youth and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)" online course is developed by Youth Dividend where we integrating ICTs (Information and Communications Technology) into our work. We harnessed ICTs to achieve the MDGs in our project called 'Youth and the Millennium Development Goals'. With the age of social media, facebook and twitter we used ICTs in the project as tools for youth engagement, networking, mapping and prioritizing, research and community dialogue. While pushing the innovation envelope we established unique partnership with UNFPA Pakistan and Youth Action for Change and started off with the course which advocates and implements MDGs through young people’s engagement. With the aim of promoting awareness among the youth regarding the 8 MDGs, so far the three phases of the course has reached more than 120 participants from over 70 countries around the globe. Eight course participants also received small grants to conduct community development projects around the theme of the MDGs.



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Empowering and enabling youth and adolescent to influence international and national policy frameworks and be positive agents of change.
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