Localizing the MDGs

Youth Dividend developed and implemented a unique model to develop capacities of local disadvantaged youth and their communities to ensure a strong MDGs focus in their local development strategies and effective/efficient conversion of funds into public benefits.

Our target was reaching out to disadvantaged youth in regions like Africa, Pacific, South Asia who have no access to internet. To overcome this we propose devoting two or three of the sessions out of the six to be run this year to focusing on specific geographies. Youth were selected from universities through local NGOs (Wireless Ghana, Youth ICT Advoactes, Malawi)

We strongly believe that although the MDGs are essentially global and national targets, local institutions/organizations has a strategic and practical role to play.  The poor youth face deprivations in a particular locality and countries will not  attain the MDGs without community action at the local level. 

MDGs Advocates will be assisted in the mobilization of external resource pools for their unfunded projects

We localized the course in Malawi and Ghana successfully.

Our Mission

"To contribute to education, advocacy and training using innovative approaches and engaging professionals and young people to expand the knowledge base in the fields of international development"

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