Grant Winners

Round 1

Vishnu Khanal from Nepal: Project - Essential Support for Community for Maternal and Child Survival (ESCMC)
This project covered over three least developed Village Development Councils (VDC) of Tanahun district, the western part of Nepal. Under the administrative division of Government of Nepal, these VDCs fall under one unit called Illaka. The health and social indicator of this Illaka fall under the least developed area as per disadvantage mapping tool of Ministry of Local Development, Nepal.

Ugwa Emeka Benjamin from Nigeria.
Project - Electoral Education and Enlightenment for 2011 Election
This project implemented radio discussions, seminars and community outreach dialogues on Electoral education and Enlightenment for 2011 Election. The project set out to change the mindset of youths and to ignite a peaceful revolt via ballot box (voting).

Round 2

Alice Priori, Italy-Palestinian Territory, Project Title: Respect for environment and recycling
This project increased awareness about the importance and value of respecting the environment. It sensitized youth about respecting local environment in order to respect global environment and sensitized youth about recycling procedures.

Jecel Censoro, Philippines, Project Title: Crowd of Condoms The RH (Reproductive Health)
This project aimed at providing information on the Reproductive Health bill (RH bill) and its corresponding benefits towards the achievement of MDG 5 and 6.

Jean Pierre Imanishimwe, Rwanda, Project Title: Young Women Action for Social Advancement (YWASA)
This project aimed to strengthen the women’s abilities to become catalysts of change with regards to crucial health barriers, poverty and its cycles through promoting women’ cooperatives in rural areas of Huye district.

Round 3

Victoria Ivancioglo from Moldova: Project Title: Equip, Educate, Enlighten!
This project aimed to increase the amount of information available concerning gender equality and gender roles to avoid discrimination and stereotyping for the 883 students at the Colegio Industrial Pedagogic located in the Cahul town as well for the greater southern region of Moldova.

Shahbaz Israr Khan from Pakistan
Project: Youth Advocacy for Sensitizing Corporate Sectors to Pay Taxes

Youth advocacy for Sustainable Human Development in Pakistan through sensitizing corporate sector to pay tax. This project prepared and engaged youth for advocacy of MDG’s; to engage youth for sensitizing corporate sector to pay tax; to come up with recommendations for devising strategies to 
sensitize corporate sector to pay tax

Mónica Gabriela Alanis Rojas from Mexico
Project: Change Agents

In the project, 50 agents promoted exchange 10 shares in favor of the environment (reforestation campaigns on water care, recycling workshops, etc.) in their communities as a first step in generating the collective and active integration of young people interested in the

Masereka Zeno from Uganda
Project: Scaling up proven community interventions to prevent HIV/AIDs, improve maternal and child health

This project used mobile phone technology, mass media and social networks to reach out to pregnant women and mothers in most affected rural areas and communities with appropriate health education information that generated utilization, increased accessibility and availability of quality of skilled care during pregnancy, child birth and post-natal periods. The project introduced and strengthened the village healthcare teams frame work in the district, advanced the utilization of the available health services and imparted the necessary preventive information to the target beneficiaries.

Round 4

Sarah Soysa from Sri Lanka
To contribute to the achievement of MDG5b by raising awareness around Srilanka using advocacy tools.

In the project a video was made as an advocacy tool on MDG 5b, Universal access for Reproductive Health in order to create an advocacy message through visual media; to widespread the short video clip among activists, organizations and other groups who work on SRH so that they could also use this as a tool; to promote the message on MDG 5b among people using social network and emails.

Sagar Prasain from Nepal
Audio Talking Books for Visually impaired primary students

This project transformed 50 normal books into audio books; these books were distributed in 100 schools, and used social media to raise awareness about the project

Mustafa Saudi from Iraq
Tuberculosis Survival

This project raised awareness among Iraqi universities students, with flayer of prevention (causes, risk factors, and complications) hanging ahead of their way to classes, and work shop for education, discussion, brain storming about possible solution to get over the social stigma of HIV/AIDs that are hiding under unclear statistics

Round 5

Ella Sandrine Tumukunde from Rwanda
Rwanda Organization for Agribusiness Promotion
This project aimed to sensitize the farmers through trainings and conducted agriculture market research to mobilize and train farmers in agricultural business planning. Farmers, and the local leaders appreciated the trainings, and this had an impact on their lives. Many of them accessed financial services and increased their investments, also applied modern methods of cultivating, which boosted the production and increased income.

Richwell Tryson Musoma from Zimbabwe
Participatory Youth Training on Water Conservation, Rainwater Harvesting and Irrigation Training

Rakatondraina Hasina Reine from Madagascar
Promotion of Green Village
This project promoted the implementation and completion of the MDGs through sustainable environmental program. Activities were carried out by young volunteers in Environment training for children and young people, parents education for the use of renewable energy, awareness campaign and advocacy in the community of Ranomafana (carnival, exhibition ...), planting trees and beautification of public gardens and sanitation campaign. The project allowed us to develop the knowledge and achievements of parents, youth and children in the community of Ranomafana for the sustainable management of the environment.

Our Mission

"To contribute to education, advocacy and training using innovative approaches and engaging professionals and young people to expand the knowledge base in the fields of international development"

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